«Stars for children»
«Stars for children» is a charity foundation, socially significant and effective organization. It is an important part of life of each participant.
The main elements of identity are illustrations inspired by children's drawings. Illustrations are based on fictional constellations in the night sky, which are usually imagined children. We have created a number of plots and characters, but, thanks to the dynamism of style, you can create new images according to the new tasks.
In the signature color palette of the «Stars for children» are 3 basic colors: blue, white and yellow. Sky blue color symbolizes hope, which helps children to live. White color illustrate the light of the stars. Yellow fills people's hearts with the warmth of good deeds. Despite the fact that yellow is rarely used, it carries a powerful emotional and energetic message. It's surprising, warm, draws attention and raises a smile at the same time.
The constellations used in communication materials, become
a metaphor for relationships between children and volunteers
of the foundation.
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